Desoto House of Peace

دار السلام ديسوتو



Duncanville Islamic Center, a non-profit organization registered in the state of Texas, was founded, by the grace of Allah in 1998 by Muslim families residing in the area.
In 2002, our community purchased a 2,500 square foot building within a shopping center, which we still operate in until today. Services we have provided since then include: Friday prayers, weekend school, youth program, dawa activities, family and social services, and more!
However, due to the continuous growth in our community, we have reached the maximum capacity at our current location and as such we are limited in what we can offer for our community. May Allah, the Most High, accept from us all that we have done and continue to do! Amen.

About DHP

On November 12, 2010, we purchased, by the grace of Allah around 10 acres of land at 500 W. Belt Line Road in Desoto, Texas, in order to build our future masjid and Islamic Center: the Desoto House of Peace (DHP).
Our goal is to accommodate our growth and to expand our services, primarily for dawa, our youth, and our sisters. We pray to Allah, the Most High, to enable us to do so! Amen.
Plans for the Desoto House of Peace will include:
  • masjid with capacity of 1,500 worshippers
  • 10,000 square foot multi-purpose hall
  • gymnasium/indoor basketball court
  • modern coffee shop with outdoor terrace
  • ghusl (washing) facility
  • library, classrooms, 
    offices, and more!

Our Progress

By the grace of Allah, on Saturday, July 21, 2018, we celebrated the ground breaking ceremony.
Click the images below to see photos of our progress, from beginning to end.
Ground Breaking

Donate Now

We are in need of generous donors like yourself! Secure your legacy in the hereafter by making a kind contribution towards this project now!
You can donate by any of the following means:
Cash - put in an envelope labeled "DHP" and drop in front office at Duncanville Islamic Center.
Credit/Debit Card - while donating, kindly consider adding a little more to your generous donation to help cover any transaction fees.
Check - write out a check to "Desoto House of Peace" and either (a) drop in front office at masjid or (b) mail to Duncanville Islamic Center addressed to "DHP".
PayPal Transfer details coming soon
CashApp details coming soon

Stop by and visit us!

Our address is: 500 W. Belt Line Road, Desoto, TX 75115.