Islam One-on-One

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, the need for spiritual education remains. Duncanville Islamic Center is now offering one-on-one classes for children (ages 5-12), teenagers (ages 13-15), young adults (ages 16-21), and adults (ages 21 and older). 


Class offerings include: Quran/Arabic studies with a focus in three areas: (a) reading Arabic script with the Quran as a source, (b) writing Arabic script with the Quran as a source, and (c) memorization of Quran. Class offerings also include Deen studies with a focus on seerah (Prophetic life story), akhlaq & adab (morals and etiquette), how to make Wudu, how to observe prayers, and more!

Minimum commitment (for optimum results) is 2 days per week, but can be increased to up to 5 days per week. There will be no class offerings on Fridays. Individual class offerings are 30 minutes long, unless multiple class offerings are selected, in which class times may be extended to 1 hour. 

Rates begin at $18/hour, but discounts are available for multiple students, multiple classes, and/or multiple days. This program is offered on a first come, first serve basis.

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