Our center offers a wide variety of services for our community, including the five daily congregational prayers, daily educational and academic classes, the weekly Friday Sermon and Prayer, Ramadan late-night prayers (taraweeh), daily Ramadan community break-fasts (iftaar), special Ramadan educational programs, Islamic propagation and outreach (da`wah), marriage and divorce paperwork (nikaah & talaaq), birth and death arrangements (aqeeqah & janazah), spiritual healing (ruqyah & hijamah), notary public, and more! Below are select details regarding some of our services:
Outreach (Da`wah)
Marriage (Nikaah)

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! May Allah bless you and your family. Ameen!
Our center is glad to be a part of this joyous occasion. We want to make sure this will be a successful event for you and your future spouse. Please read carefully the list below of what is required to complete the process:
  1. Obtain a marriage license from the county court. The Imam will sign the license and mail it to the County Clerk.
  2. Complete the Marriage Request Form.
  3. Pay the marriage ceremony fee. The fee is $250.00 if the ceremony is conducted at Duncanville Islamic Center, and $500.00 if conducted elsewhere.
  4. Attendance by the following individuals is mandatory in order for the ceremony to be conducted:
    • Bride​
    • Groom
    • Bride's Muslim father/male Muslim relative, or male Muslim guardian
    • 2 male witnesses
  5. Valid photo identification cards, or driver's licenses, or passports must be presented for:
    • Bride​
    • Groom
    • Bride's Muslim father/male Muslim relative/male Muslim guardian
    • 2 Male Witnesses
Certificates will be issued immediately or mailed within one week of the ceremony.
On behalf of all of us at Duncanville Islamic Center, congratulations to you and your spouse!
Outreach (Da`wah)

Our center is readily available to present programs to you, your school/college, church/faith group or civil organization about Islam. We hope that our programs about Islam and Muslims will be informative, build understanding, correct misconceptions and promote tolerance and diversity within the community.
We would be happy to speak with you about several types of programs about Islam. A wide variety of program subjects are available, including Islam as it relates to history, political science, social studies, world religions or any other relevant subject headings.
In an attempt to be informative about Islamic religious beliefs and practices, we are also happy to host individuals and groups at our center. Should you be interested in visiting our mosque, please submit an Outreach Request to schedule your visit. We will contact you as soon as possible to work out the details.
In addition, we would appreciate receiving notification of any events in your organization where our participation would be appropriate. Our congregation represents a wide range of diverse regions and cultures in the world and contribute to the wonderful diversity of Duncanville and the surrounding communities.
Imam Qutaibah's Services
Our spiritual leader, Imam Qutaibah is happy to serve you and your family through a variety of services. Feel free to submit a ticket using the appropriate link below:
How Can We Serve You?
Our center hopes to serve you in any way we can. Using the links below, please complete the appropriate form (incomplete forms will not be considered). After filling out the form, click submit and an official from our center will be in touch with you as soon as possible.
  • Suggestion
  • Topic Request
  • Divorce Proceeding
  • New Born Celebration
  • Funeral Arrangement
  • Sadaqah Request
  • Other